What once looked like an insurmountable task has now developed a life of its own. A Miami team that looked dead and buried has reason to believe they can cause one of the biggest upsets in NBA finals history and dethrone the King himself.


The odds pickers who called an easy coast to victory for the Lakers are looking decidedly less comfortable.

The renegades who plunked their betting dollars on the Heat have renewed hope.

Game One Beatdown

After a beatdown in the first game, all the sports analysts, coaches, experts and fans had the brooms out. Not to dust their bedroom floors or the fact that Halloween was around the corner. Instead, it was due to one plain and simple reality.

The LA Lakers were dead certs to win the 2020 NBA finals and tie the great Boston Celtics at 17 Championships apiece.


How would they do it? They would do it in commanding fashion, 4-0, take out the brooms, goodnight Irene, and goodbye Miami. Enjoy the sun of South Beach on your short shuffle home from the NBA bubble in Orlando.

And while the Lakers are still in command and have a couple of fingers on the Larry O’Brien trophy they do not have the same grasp on it that they had after Games Two and Four.

The Heat seemed destined for a quick return to the beach

Heat Show Heart

The Heat are showing an unwillingness to shuffle anywhere at the moment. Undoubtedly, the reason for this is hugely down to the performances of Jimmy Butler.

His 40-point triple double in Game Three and 35-point triple double in Game Five has given a Miami team, who everyone had written off, a new lease of life and a belief that they can upset the LA dynasty.

And while the Heat still have a lot to do, because let’s be honest the Lakers do have LeBron James and Anthony Davis on their roster, the mountain that Butler and his crew once strained their necks to gaze upon now looks more like a large hill.

The one great thing about sport is nothing is decided until the final whistle. And that means there could yet be nervous times ahead for Lakers fans and bettors.