The success of the online casino and sports betting industries has become one of America’s worst-kept secrets. From one state to the next, U.S. residents have embraced the freedom and opportunity to legally gamble online without “big brother” looking over their collective shoulders.

Michigan online casinos officially launched on January 22, 2021. To date, they are reporting amazing gambling revenue numbers. Clearly, the people in Michigan are flocking to the internet to play online casino games of chance for real cash. Given the fact the stories are the same across other states that have legalized online casino gambling, we thought it would be interesting to discuss the five reasons the Michigan online casino launch has been so successful.


1. Pent Up Demand

After spending more than 30 months hearing about the exploits of online casino gamblers from other states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, residents in Michigan had been wondering if they would ever get the chance to join in the fun. Due to a bevy of political issues that always seemed to kill legalization efforts, it took a while for Michigan legislators to pass the proper legislation.

While patiently awaiting word from Congress, Michigan residents were already crossing state lines to gamble online in adjacent states. Meanwhile, the demand for online casino gambling services was building. When the launch finally occurred, all of that pent-up demand created a playing frenzy. That has resulted in online casino gambling revenues being higher than expected.


2. Bonus Offers

Patrons who visit land-based casinos in Michigan seldom get extra benefits for their patronage. That would be unless a few free drinks would be considered a benefit. In the Michigan online casino industry, online casino operators have to compete for business. Since the available online casino games are similar from one site to another, operators only have one way to compete. That is by offering good bonus promotions.

The real beneficiary of these Michigan bonus programs is the players who get extra value for their patronage and loyalty. In some cases, Michigan online casino gamblers can get access to bonuses of close to $1,000. While they may have to jump through hoops to convert their bonus money into real money, it’s the chance that Michigan online casino gamblers seem to embrace.


3. Lack of Gambling Options

For decades, Michigan has been on the conservative side in terms of its residents having access to gambling options. Aside from the Michigan lottery and a splattering of land-based casinos in highly populated areas, the ability for Michigan residents to enjoy recreational gambling has always been limited. Since all Michigan residents have equal access to the internet, online casino gambling has become the only realistic gambling option for a majority of the state.


4. Access

What Michigan residents have discovered is online casinos are available at any time and anywhere they can get a data connection. On their mobile devices, they already have the built-in data connectivity they will need.

Simply put, access to mobile gambling has been the single biggest driving force behind the success of the online gambling industry in every state. U.S. residents like things that are easy to access. If that thing provides entertainment value, they like it even more. If having that easy access could lead to winning money, what’s not to like? In Michigan, the online casino industry’s success can be traced to having easy access.


5. Privacy

While some people enjoy going to casinos as a form of socialization, there are still plenty of people who want privacy when they gamble. Why? When people win money, they are pretty quick to let their friends and relatives know. When they lose money, especially lots of money, mum is the word.

If online casino gambling does nothing else, it does give people an opportunity to keep their gambling habits private. For a lot of Michigan residents, it’s that high level of privacy that creates an environment in which they feel safe to gamble without having to face scrutiny.