• XFL Week 2 Recap
  • NBA All-Star Weekend Recap

XFL Week 2 Recap:

Yet another good weekend for the XFL in terms of betting markets. Most of the NJ sportsbooks saw continued interest, building off the success of Week 1.  From a betting perspective, folks are definitely enjoying this league, and we expect that to continue.

Of note, Some sportsbooks saw a 20% increase in turnover from Saturday of XFL Week 1 to Saturday of XFL Week 2 (but in general, just a modest uptick in XFL turnover from Week 1 to Week 2).

No surprise, but the hometown NY Guardians’ game drew the most interest for the second consecutive week.  Admittedly, probably helped that they were playing against the semi-local DC Defenders starring one of the league’s most well-known players in Cardale Jones.  

XFL Futures Update:

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XFL Week 3 Games:  XFL Week 3 Games

NBA All-Star Weekend:

NBA All-Star Game drew significant betting interest throughout the week, as did the ASW Saturday events. Sportsbooks in NJ reported healthy turnover on both events and game itself.

Overall, a pretty good weekend for the sportsbooks unfortunately as the biggest liabilities went against the bettors for the game and MVP, as well as Three Point Contest Winner and Skills Challenge Winner.