The consensus win total at sportsbooks for the Chicago Bears this season is 7.5. After a breakout season from Justin Fields, expectations are even higher for the third-year QB in 2023, as he will have better weapons and an improved offensive line. There is so much optimism surrounding Fields this season that he is even a really popular bet to win MVP.

But will the new additions they made on both sides of the ball, most notably WR D.J. Moore, rookie OT Darnell Wright, and LB Tremaine Edmunds, help this team win more than 7.5 games this season?

Bears Lead the NFL in Over Bets on Win Total

According to Max Meyer, Senior Editor at PointsBet, the Bears have received the most bets to go over their win total at the sportsbook. As of Aug. 21, there have been more than twice as many bets on the Bears’ over than any other team, and they’re the most popular team to surpass their win total by dollars wagered as well.

In fact, Meyer said that the Bears have received more tickets and money to go over their win total than the rest of their NFC North rivals combined.

The other two most popular overs by tickets at PointsBet are the Broncos (8.5) and Lions (9.5). The Broncos’ over is one of my favorite bets this season, as I mentioned in our article where we gave out our favorite win totals.

Trailing the Bears in handle on overs are the Washington Commanders (6.5) and Atlanta Falcons (8.5), which was one of Trey Wingo’s favorite win total bets.

Will the Bears Go Over Their Win Total?

Winning eight or more games this season would be a major step forward from going 3-14 a year ago, the worst record in the NFL. But the Jacksonville Jaguars were a prime example last season of how quickly teams can improve from one year to the next.

For the Bears to go over their win total in 2023, they’ll need Fields to develop more as a passer, after throwing only 149.5 passing yards per game last season, and for the defense to improve its league-worst pass rush that recorded just 20 sacks.