With a little more than two months remaining in the 2021 MLB regular season, the playoffs picture is getting a little clearer every day. That’s of real interest to sports bettors who are looking for opportunities to start placing wagers on teams to win the 2021 World Series.

The following information is going to focus on sports bettors who like to wager on teams from their home states. In order to do that, the sports bettor has to be in a state where sports betting is either currently legal or will be legal before the end of the MLB regular season. With this in mind, here is a look at the World Series odds on teams that still appear to be in the world series race and play in a state where sports betting is legal.

Chicago White Sox

Current Odds +700

It’s been a long time since the Chicago White Sox have had a drink of wine from a World Series glass. However, this has been a really good team in the making over the last five years. They have built a complete ball club through astute trades and successful drafts.

Currently, they are up 9 games in the AL Central Division. To win the World Series, a team has to first make it in the playoffs. The White Sox are currently 4th in MLB in runs scored (490) and 8th in ERA (3.62). They are already hitting well and will benefit from the return of Eloy Jimenz from the 60 IL.

They are young and they are cocky. At odds of +700, there is real value in betting a team that might be the best team in baseball.

New York Yankees

Current Odds +2200

While online sports betting is not yet legal in New York, there are a number of retail sports betting locations available.

At this point in the season, the Yankees have been disappointing. They are 9 games and 8 games respectively behind the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays in the EL East Division. It would seem their path to the playoffs is through a wild card spot. They are currently 4.5 games back in the wild card race with a tough schedule coming in the last six weeks.

They have the bats to make a run. The pitching staff is a mess. They might squeeze into the playoffs, but the +2200 odds offer no betting value.

Detroit Tigers

Current Odds +100000

Yes, the Detroit Tigers are 9 games out of a wild card spot with 6 teams ahead of them. However, they are playing sneaky good ball of late. Five dollars to win Five hundred thousand seems like the real betting value on a longshot. The remaining schedule is favorable

New York Mets

Current Odds +900

Some key New York Mets players have been struggling so far this year. A quick look at Francisco Lindor and Michael Confort makes that clear. It’s also reflected in the fact the Mets are 29th in MLB for runs scored with 370. What they have is an incredible pitching staff that only requires a few runs a night for wins.

Yes, staff ACE Jacob deGrom has been brilliant when he is on the mound. He has also spent some time on the IL. If the bats come alive, +900 is a good value. If the bats keep sleeping, this is a team that could even miss the playoffs while currently leading the NL East Division.

Philadelphia Phillies

Current Odds +5000

The Philadelphia Phillies are currently 4 games behind the Mets in the NL East. That’s their best chance to make the playoffs, being 9 games back in the wild card race.

Statistically, the Phillies are midpack in almost every offense and pitching category. It’s one of those steady as you go teams. With that said, no one seems to really be stepping things up. There is no value in betting this team at +5000 to win the World Series much less make it into the playoffs.

Chicago Cubs

Current Odds +6600

The Chicago Cubs might well have the worst betting value of any team still in contention. Why? They are 9 games back in the NL Central with three teams ahead of them. They are also 9 games back in the wild card race. Since management has made clear they will be trading stars for prospects, the Cubs would only be bettable at odds similar to what the Detroit Tigers are showing.