Every now and then, a new innovation comes to market that changes the face of an industry. That certainly applies to the advent of Live In-Play Betting for the benefit of online sports bettors. When it was first introduced to the masses about five years ago, it was an innovation in betting that was ahead of its time.

The popularity of Live In-Play Betting in Europe is undeniable. According to some experts, the amount European sports bettors are wagering while games are in progress now rivals the amounts that are being wagered on pregame options.

While this is a somewhat new concept for American online sports bettors, it’s quickly gaining in popularity in states where online sports gambling is legal. Let’s take a look at this innovation in sports betting.

What is Live In-Play Betting?

Imagine for a moment that you are watching an NFL football game. While watching, you get the sense the tide is changing on the field. With Live In-Play Betting, you would actually have the ability to place certain wagers based on what you sense might be happening.

As the name indicates, Live In-Play Betting involves wagering on certain events that are available on a particular game while the game is actually being played. Live In-Play Betting could be available on the outcome of the games with adjusted point spreads or money lines. A bettor might also be able to wager on the outcome of a play or a series of plays.

An example of the latter option might include something like the outcome of a single game during a tennis match. Imagine two top players are squaring off in a major Grand Slam event. It’s the start of game five in the second set. It’s very possible you could have the opportunity to wager on the outcome of that single game.

Using that as an example, you can probably see the potential Live In-Play Betting gives to avid sports bettors. As Live In-Play Betting gains in popularity in America, you can “bet” that U.S. online bookmakers will be expanding the scope of Live In-Play Betting options.

The Technology

Any time there is a new innovation in sports betting, there needs to be a platform that can support that new innovation. In Europe and Australia, top online bookmakers have access to the technology that supports Live In-Play Betting. Fortunately, some of Europe and Australia’s top online bookmakers have a major presence in the U.S. One online bookmaker of particular interest when it comes to Live In-Play Betting is PointsBet.

The original PointsBet organization was founded in Australia in 2015. Within the last couple of years, the online bookmaker has established a major presence in the U.S. sports betting market. The bookmaker is currently operating in states like Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and New Jersey with an eye on entering as many other state markets as possible.

For its Live In-Play Betting platform, PointsBet has acquired ownership in the Irish-based company Banach Technology. This is a company that has developed a state-of-the-art live betting odds platform that is being used across all PointsBet online sportsbooks in Europe, Australia, and now the U.S.

This singular acquisition is a clear indication that management at PointsBet believes Live In-Play Betting is a trend that will move sports betting well into the future. Much like has been the case in Europe, many U.S. online bookmakers are expecting Live In-Play Betting to become the go-to wagering option among the most astute sports gamblers in the U.S.

Advantage of Live In-Play Betting

After placing a pregame wager on a game, a sports bettor is doing so based on certain facts. Those facts include knowing the weather conditions and what players will be participating during the game or match. As every experienced sports bettor knows, things can change in a hurry. Let’s take a look at a common example.

Every team has a star player who needs to be on the field or court in order for their team to be as effective as possible. When you make your pregame wager, you assume that the player will be playing. What if you wager on a team whose star quarterback gets injured on the first play of the game? Yes, it’s very likely your original bet will end up losing.

With Live In-Play Betting, you would have the ability to place a new wager on the game based on a new set of facts. That same theory would apply if you assumed a game was being played under ideal weather conditions but a storm suddenly appears and changes the entire circumstances under which the game is being played.

The real advantage of Live In-Play Betting is it gives the bettor the ability to make wagers or hedge against prior wagers based on a new set of information. For sports bettors who understand exactly what that means, the Live In-Play Betting option provides some very intriguing opportunities to make money and recoup likely losses.

Disadvantages of Live In-Play Betting

Of course, Live In-Play Betting is still gambling, and gambling involves taking risks. With Live In-Play Betting, it’s real easy to get caught up in the moment and start making wagers without taking enough time to think each wager through from a risk perspective. That’s a potential disadvantage.

Another disadvantage is locking up too much of your bankroll on the outcome of one game. With sports betting, it’s never a good idea to put too many of one’s eggs in the same basket.

After taking the potential disadvantages of Live In-Play Betting into consideration, this is definitely a betting option worthy of your consideration. Before getting too involved, you should experiment with this option a bit until you have a full understanding of the risks and how it works.