It’s Fall Classic time and only two teams are still in the running for baseball’s most coveted trophy. The MLB World Series will decide whether the Houston Astros or Atlanta Braves will be crowned champions for 2021. On October 23rd, the Houston Astros sealed a 5-0 win over the Boston Red Sox to take the American League Pennant, 4-2. One day later, the Atlanta Braves also took the National League Pennant 4-2. Coincidentally, the Game 6 winning score vs the fancied LA Dodgers was 4-2 as well.

This will be the third appearance in the last five World Series for the Astros. In the opposing dugout, this is the first appearance for the Braves since 1999.

Action gets underway on Tuesday evening, October 26th at 8:09 pm ET. By virtue of having the higher seed in their respective league championship series, the first game will be played in Houston. The current odds for Game 1 are:

Atlanta Braves +110 over 8.5 runs +100 (run line +1.5 runs -180)
Houston Astros -130 under 8.5 runs -120 (run line -1.5 runs +150)

The pitching matchup features Charlie Morton (ATL) 14-6, ERA 3.34 vs Framber Valdez (HOU) 11-6, ERA 3.14.

Note: These lines are subject to change based on betting action and any foreseen injury reports that could change the complexion of the game. Also, they may vary slightly from one online bookmaker to the next.


Prop Bets on 2021 World Series

For baseball fans, this World Series should be an exciting one because it features two evenly matched teams with good pitching and excellent hitting. For recreational sports bettors, the betting options are more limited than during the regular season. The possibility of a multi-game parlay bet is no longer available. That’s why it is the perfect time for a different type of bet: the proposition or “prop” bet.

The possibilities for prop betting are almost unlimited. To narrow the choice, let’s take a look at a few prop bet categories that may offer a little bit of value.

Note: The lines on the following prop bets were provided by BetMGM and are subject to change. Similar lines will be available across the legal sportsbooks.

World Series MVP

This is the perfect prop bet for bettors who have an interest in betting on the overall performance of a specific player over the entire series. Historically, the MVP title favors position players who are able to wield a hot bat throughout the series. That’s not to say a pitcher can’t win it if he were to win two games in a dominant fashion. Also, there is a 99% chance the World Series MVP will come from the winning team. Here is a list of the most likely winners (and some longshots) with their odds.

Jose Altuve +1000
Alex Bregman +1000
Freddie Freeman +1000
Eddie Rosario +1800
Ozzie Albies +2500 (value bet if Braves win series)


Getting +1000 on great players like Altuve and Freeman does offer some value, considering they are both consistent and produce a lot of runs. Albies has a penchant for getting hot at the right time, making +2500 very attractive.

For bettors who believe in hot streaks, Rosario had a slash line of .560/.607/1.040 in 28 plate appearances during the NLCS. In all post-season appearances, he is batting .377. If his bat stays hot, +1800 is the best value on the board.


Team to Win the Series – Braves vs. Astros

A recreational sports bettor with limited resources might prefer betting on one team to win the World Series title as opposed to risking their bankroll on just the first couple of games. Here’s the money line on the teams to win the WS:

Atlanta Braves +125
Houston Astros -150

The Astros are favored here because of their home-field advantage and more recent World Series experience. However, it’s noteworthy that during the year the Braves had a better record on the road than they had at home.


Series Total Games – Braves vs. Astros

When wagering on this prop bet, you are wagering on how many games will be played in the series regardless of which team wins. Here are the lines:

4 games +500
5 games +290
6 games +200
7 games +210

There is probably no value in betting on 4 games because it’s a very unlikely occurrence with two evenly matched teams. On paper, this series has the look of one that will go 6 or 7 games. Take your pick for the best value.


Series Correct Score – Braves vs. Astros

When wagering on this prop bet, you are wagering on the final series total with a specific winner. Here are the lines:

Atlanta Braves win Series 4-0 +1600
Atlanta Braves win Series 4-1 +850
Atlanta Braves win Series 4-2 +550
Atlanta Braves win Series 4-3 +550
Houston Astros win the Series 4-0 +750
Houston Astros win the Series 4-1 +500
Houston Astros win the Series 4-2 +420
Houston Astros win the Series 4-3 +460

If you feel the series will go 6 0r 7 games, it could be an idea to pick the 4-2 or 4-3 scorelines and bet on both teams. There is positive value in betting the same amount on all 4 of the outcomes of 6 or 7 games albeit small.

On a daily basis, bookmakers will likely be posting other prop bets related to player and team performances. If you are interested in betting prop bets, you should check out the legal U.S. online bookmakers that are available in your area. The best chance you have at winning money on a World Series prop bet is to have the conviction of a certain outcome and find a sportsbook that gives you the right price. Knowledge, value and luck are a powerful combination.