Even in the height of summer, basketball holds a firm grip on its fans’ hearts. Each new season brings the promise of a new round of drafts and trades to deal with. Of course nowadays many NBA fans are also quite the sports bettors. For fans looking to find value for next season, the latest updates in roster personnel is key. So before hitting the best online sports betting apps, let’s take a look over the top 3 potential NBA trades that could shake everything up this summer.

1. Kevin Durant

On June 30th, Kevin Durant became a free agent and immediately requested a trade from his current team the Brooklyn Nets. It’s believed that he would like to move to either the Phoenix Suns or Miami Heat to continue with his career.

Although Durant faced a fair few injuries in the first season of his contract, he still managed to be one of the best players in the NBA. Because of this, over half of the NBA have interest in taking Durant. Even his former team the Golden State Warriors are in the mix, proving that Durant is a player you don’t want to lose.

However, the Miami Heat are the ones pursuing Durant the most. Brooklyn is reportedly unhappy with what the Suns are offering them, making that deal unlikely. The Raptors are also not willing to part ways with Scottie Barnes who is the NBA rookie of the year. So, who knows where Durant will end up for the next season?

2. Donovan Mitchell

Since the season came to an end for the Utah Jazz team, rumors have been flying around in regard to Donovan Mitchell wanting to trade. These reports only gathered pace when Quin Snyder resigned too. Previously it was thought that Utah wasn’t considering a trade offer for Mitchell. But it seems that they’ve now changed their minds.

Currently, the New York Knicks are thought to be the front runners for the Mitchell trade, but the Heat and the Nets have also shown their interest in the player. Although the Knicks are the most likely bet for Mitchell, this trade could go in any direction.

3. Kyrie Irving

As well as trading Durant, stories have surfaced that the Nets might also trade Kyrie Irving. With talks happening between the Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers, there might be a trade deal yet. The Lakers are looking to trade Russell Westbrook for Irving, but with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Dallas Mavericks also pursuing Irving, it might not be so simple. There is also talk that Irving in fact now wishes to remain with the Nets. Maybe this is just a tactic to put the pressure on the interested parties and encourage them to up their trade offer? So, will Irving stay, or will he go? Only time will tell…

These three trade possibilities are some of the most talked about in the NBA right now, but we still don’t know if any of them will come to fruition. Fans always hope this sort of dramatic overhaul in their roster could strengthen their game and lead them to titles. By the looks of things, the new season is going to be an exciting one.